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Millions of passengers travel the skies each day.
While the vast majority of trips proceed uneventfully...
...some passengers suffer injuries aboard flights.
We’re here to help you obtain full compensation for injuries.
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Millions of passengers travel the skies each day, both domestically and internationally. While the vast majority of trips proceed uneventfully, some passengers suffer injuries aboard flights. Heavy pieces of luggage fall from overhead bins onto heads and shoulders, service carts accidentally strike knees and ankles, hot liquids spill onto passengers causing burns, turbulence tosses passengers into ceilings and onto the floors, and a variety of other accidents can occur. 

The laws governing claims for such injuries can be arcane, involving federal and international laws that are outside of the routine practice of typical personal injury attorneys. Airlines are routinely defended by attorneys and insurance company representatives who are well versed in those arcane laws, and who seek to lay traps for the unwary in order to exclude claims or else keep damage awards and settlements low so their clients’ profits stay high. Passengers need to be represented by attorneys who are able to meet those challenges head on, through specialized knowledge of the laws as well as the complex aeronautical expertise to discover what the airlines may be hiding. Park Avenue Law has been on the front lines litigating airline passenger claims for decades, and we have the skills and knowledge necessary to litigate claims successfully. As a pilot-owned law firm with substantial prior defense and insurance insider experience, Park Avenue Law stands alone among plaintiffs’ firms in the aviation law sphere.

John Mckay, attorney personal injury lawyer, aircraft or airline accident advocate
John Mckay, attorney, lawyer, personal injury, accident, airline, aircraft, advocate

Our Attorney: John D. McKay

John McKay logged many hours defending airlines in litigation before accepting an in-house position as a Claims Attorney at one of the world’s leading aviation insurers. While there, he co-managed the defense of product liability lawsuits worldwide for The Boeing Company and GE Aviation, in addition to handling claims arising out of the Air France Flight 447 tragedy and several general aviation crashes. Now returned to private practice and dedicated to assisting claimants in similar matters, he is the Managing Attorney for Park Avenue Law LLC, where he concentrates on aviation-related wrongful death and personal injury litigation for plaintiffs, as well as jet and turboprop purchases and sales. Park Avenue Law has offices in Winter Park, Florida, Toronto, and San Francisco. John is licensed to practice in eight U.S. states, as well as England and Ontario. He holds a Commercial Pilot certificate with instrument and multiengine ratings.

John has a B.A. with Distinction from the University of Virginia and a J.D. from the University of Maine School of Law, where he was a member of the school’s Moot Court team and received its Best Advocate Award at graduation. He has served on state and local ethics and professionalism committees for attorneys, and was one of the co-founders of the Thomas Jefferson Inn of Court, dedicated to fostering jury trial skills and professionalism in young attorneys who are getting started in practice.

“John McKay is the kind of ethical, competent lawyer
everyone hopes they can hire, plain and simple.”

—D.S. & J.S.

Former clients, awarded $800,000 jury verdict
against American Airlines for turbulence injuries

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$1.3 Million Pain and Suffering Verdict Against Delta Air Lines, Inc. Obtained May 3, 2023 for Client Injured by Negligence.